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The average 25 year old has 2,240 days left to live. When you take out the time you spend sleeping, working and social networking, the days left over are fewer than you'd think. Every day is important. Every day is a new opportunity. Every day needs to count. Life is our most precious commodity.

Isn't it about time you saw the world and really started living?

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Top Three Ways to Make Every Second
European Highlights Italian Espresso Greek Island

Stay at our French Ch√Ęteau
Ride a gondola in Venice
See the Colosseum in Rome

Cuddle a Koala
Learn to surf at our beach camp
Visit Sydney Harbour Bridge

Visit the night markets in Phuket
Cool off at Bangpae Waterfall
Try some local specialties like Pad
  See Ew

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One life, one shot, make it count
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